On October 21st, Beijing time, Sichuan Jiu Niu official announcement player Wang Chao joined Beijing Institute of Technology on loan. Subsequently, Wang Chao himself made a comment on leaving the team on social media.


Wang Chao joined Sichuan Jiuniu in early 2019 and has not entered Li Yi's regular list this season. He made his debut in Guoan and played for Beijing Institute of Technology for a long time. This time he is back here again on loan and will play in the Chinese League with the team.


Wang Chao wrote on social media: In less than two years in Sichuan, he has experienced ups and downs with the team, but fortunately, he succeeded in making up the middle class at the last moment. This is inseparable from everyone's efforts in 2019, let alone. Open all the fans to support and shout to Jiu Niu, thank those who like me and those who do not like me, I only do what I think I have a clear conscience! As for 2020, I hope that everything is well for Jiuniu, and that everything is well for Sichuan fans. Come on! Do not forget the original intention.