On October 17, Beijing time, at the pre-match press conference between Henan Jianye and Wuhan Zall, Zhou Dingyang attended the meeting with coach Havel.


I am very happy to be back here and prepare for tomorrow's game. The quality of our training in the past two weeks is very high and we look forward to bringing this state to the game. Wuhan is a very strong team. Their defense is very organized. However, our players quickly accepted the new coach’s tactical philosophy and are very convinced by him. We look forward to a good game tomorrow night and tomorrow night. A good opportunity to show what kind of team Henan Jianye is.


In the past period of time, apart from hard training, I had nothing special. We didn't have time to enjoy life. Especially for me, if I didn't find satisfaction at work, then I couldn't relax and enjoy life. This year is a very difficult year. I have been away from my family for eight or nine months. We have to work hard to play well with Wuhan Zall, play well this month's game, and I can enjoy life in one month.